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Premium Virtual


You will have some of the best virtual assistants at your disposal who carry the right amount of experience to provide quality work.


We believe that providing stellar work requires a collaborative team. Our VAs are required to work with the client to reach their goals and fulfil their needs.


Because we work with hourly rates, it’s important for our VAs to be cognisant of time-based tasks and staying within the desired time-frame for every task given.


This goes without saying, our space requires sheer efficiency so we can free up more time for you to do the most important tasks in your business.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for
Your Business

e-Commerce VA

All that data entry, inventory management and order processing will be on us. We will also be engaging with your customers round the clock to answer any questions and say thanks to the compliments.

Administrative VA

We will keep your books neat, respond to emails; arrange travels, schedule your meetings, manage your presentations and an updated contact list of clients and suppliers.

Data entry VA

No one likes keeping outdated data, so call us to clean it out for you. We will keep a track record of your activities and tasks and generate reports which inform you of your next business move.

Marketing and Events VA

Building a business requires constant marketing and we know it can get overwhelming at times. Let us help you with your traditional and digital marketing needs. When you do decide to host events, we will be sure to gather all necessary information from suppliers to the sitting arrangements for you.